Change Management

Work is more than calculating profits, balancing supply & demand or pushing paper.

Work is people coming together to dream, create, hack, hustle and make. People should connect easily to share ideas, develop them together and get things done from anywhere.

Technology should make work easier and faster, not harder. It should get out of the way so that our ideas have space to grow and inspiration is free to strike at any moment.

This 0.5 day training is designed to give an overview of using G Suite for Work to make your lives easier.



Readiness survey

  • Major organizational impacts include:
  • High impacted user groups include:
  • The following efforts will take place to engage core parts of the organization:
  • Key change measures include:


  • Standard and specialized communications:
  • Marketing and social media:


  • Standard and specialized training:
  • Demos and ongoing support:
  • G Suite User guides
  • Customizable Going Google Learning Site
  • G Suite training videos and live demos
  • G Suite tips & tricks
  • Training documentation for high impact users (e.g. Help Desk, Admin)

Tips for Trainers

  • Know your audience
    • Adult Learning Principles
  • Elevator Pitch


Price per delegate is Per Call  for the 1 day course, hosted in the GoPomelo training center, in Ploenchit. Minimum 5 delegates, maximum of 15 delegates

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